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“We had nightlife last Friday. Alex was our DJ and everything was perfect!”

The Nightlife All-Inclusive Reception Package $345 & Up*:

*May vary based on season, day of week, and venue location.

  1. Flat rate pricing for complete, unlimited time, event coverage.

  2. Dance music (radio edits).

  3. Full Mackie sound system and intelligent LED light show.

  4. Both wired and wireless microphones.

  5. Convenient online event planning materials and 125,000+ song library.


Give kids something to look forward to!


With many schools only having a few dances each year, it is very important to find a company that is going to accommodate both student and faculty requests. For over a decade, Nightlife Entertainment has been helping both students and teachers find affordable, fun, and most importantly safe entertainment choices.

Students love Nightlife Entertainment because of our great DJs, great music, and great equipment. We have over 125,000 songs readily available at each and every school event. Our equipment is perfect for school functions.


Our Mackie powered speakers provide extreme sound and vibrating bass which make an awesome atmosphere. Our intelligent light show offers such a wide style of lighting shades, shapes, and movements that each second is different!

Our DJs are familiar with current music and we are happy to play student requests. We actually send event planning materials

to each school in order to allow for student input on music, involvement, and activities.

Faculty members love Nightlife Entertainment because we follow administrative policies and procedures without jeopardizing the outcome of the event. We accommodate students requests while focusing on the administration's musical concerns. We are happy to provide radio edit songs and adjust lighting to accommodate teachers and parent volunteers. Faculty members have complete control over the music, sound volume, and lighting throughout the event. Faculty members are also more than welcome to use our microphones for any announcements throughout the event, or we are happy to make them as well.


We love to accommodate our school clients in whatever way possible! Please feel free to contact us for a quote and information on our various options for schools.

Additional Event Options:

  1. Double Sound/Lighting available. (Starting at $145)

  2. Projector and screen rental with complete set-up available. (Starting at $195)

No Hidden Fees!

No Surprises!

No Hassles!​

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