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Mackie Speakers

Our Mackie speakers are individually powered and amplified. The main volume is controlled by the mixer, but each speaker has its own volume control as well. This allows us to achieve the best possible sound quality no matter the venue/room size or set-up. We can also adjust the direction of the speakers throughout the event. Our systems integrated equalizer enables our DJs to fine tune the music to really create an amazing atmosphere!

American Audio Mixers

Our mixers offer the ability of using multiple channels to have back-up equipment connected, ensuring your party won't stop! We can accommodate your videographer's recording devices to get the best sound for your video memories. Nightlife Entertainment relies on American Audio to provide high quality audio that never fails.

No Hidden Fees! No Surprises! No Hassles!

Our Systems

Chauvet DJ Intelligent Lighting

What is Intelligent lighting? Our lights work with the beat of the music. We can also adjust each light as to how sensitive they react to the music. All of our lights are multi-directional, meaning we can point them anywhere in the room to create a dazzling light show! We use super bright LED lights to accommodate any type of situation or time of day. Chauvet DJ provides top-notch DJ & Club Lighting Products, great customer support, and quality that

can't be beat!

CAD Wireless Microphones

We use CAD dual-channel wireless microphones which give our DJs the the most flexibility to accommodate speeches, toasts, announcements, etc. Our system has both handheld and headset microphones. We always have wired microphones available as a back-up at each event.


We believe in providing our clients with the best, and that means using the best in portable DJ equipment. We work with the most reliable and high quality names in the DJ industry to ensure that we are always providing the highest quality performance for our clients. Our equipment is designed to be powerful and compact. Our portable systems can be set up to occupy a minimal footprint in your event site, and become a part of the decorations.

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