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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers!

How much experience do your DJ’s have?

Some of our DJ's have 8 years of experience, others have one. Either way it's not a DJ we hire, it's a personality. We seek out individuals that have the criteria we need to create a wonderful DJ. Those individuals are reliable, open minded, perceptive, accommodating, and are great communicators. Nightlife also has a 10 week training program for new DJ's. This consists of class room and on the job training. If you’re interested in working for Nightlife please feel free to contact our offices.

Do you take requests?

Certainly! We make it a point. We use your event planning material and your personal request list as the basis of any event, but we are always more than willing to take guests requests. Taking requests from guests allows the crowd more interaction and ultimately will lead to your crowd participating more. We also will also make sure to refrain from playing certain songs you may not like.

Can we come watch you perform at an event?

We extend all of our clients our privacy policy. This means that no uninvited guests will be intruding on your reception. This also allows your entertainer to concentrate on your reception instead of answering questions for potential clients. We also customize each client's event which means that no two of our events are the same. We use our client's guidance and our expertise to create the best evening for you. We are more than happy to provide you with a DVD sample of our services.

What do you do in case of an emergency?

Nightlife Entertainment has back-up equipment available with an on-call manager in case of any emergency. The back-up manager has all the information regarding your event. We also do weekly equipment testing in order to assure complete satisfaction for our clients. Things don't go wrong, but if they did it's nice to know you're covered.

Can we bring our own music to the event?

You are more than welcome to bring your own music. In fact, we encourage that. Nightlife Entertainment has a huge music database with access to almost every song ever recorded. We subscribe to a monthly recording company that provides us with all the latest music. Even given that, most of our clients prefer to bring some type of music.

How do you determine who my DJ is?

Your DJ is select based on your event planning material. We take in mind all of your musical preferences, your roles and expectations, and your preferred entertainer personality. We also do weekly meetings so our DJ’s have an opportunity to review your information before being paired with you. This allows our DJ’s to have a say in whether they are the perfect match for your specific event.

When will I speak with my DJ?

We request that you send in your event planning material and final payment 3 weeks prior to your event. Once we receive your event planning material we will copy and forward it to your entertainer. At this point your entertainer will look through the materials and contact you the Tuesday prior to your event in order to discuss the specifics of your event. Consultations typically take a half hour.

How do we reserve Nightlife Entertainment?

Simply fill out and send in the entertainment contract and $200.00 deposit. Nightlife Entertainment will sign and copy your contract. We then mail you a copy of the contract and a confirmation event letter. Your deposit of $200.00 is required to hold your event date. We collect the balance and the event planning material 3 weeks prior to your event. Taking care of everything in advance allows you to relax and have a wonderful, hassle free night!

How many songs can you play in an evening?

A good rule of thumb is 15 - 18 songs per hour. A typical 4 hour dance would accommodate between 60 - 70 songs.

What if I speak to my DJ and I don’t get a good vibe from them?

We understand that this is a possibility. If that happens simply contact our office and we will re-evaluate your event and work to select a different DJ.

What if some of my songs are not in your music database?

No problem. Just let our office or your DJ know and we will do our best to obtain a copy of your music.

What is an appropriate gratuity to offer a DJ?

Like any service; our DJ’s work very hard to earn their clients gratuity. Most clients offer 15-20 percent. We do not include standard gratuity in our billing to give your DJ the opportunity to earn your gratuity and referral.

Do you perform at my event site?

Nightlife has relationships with many reception facilities throughout Minnesota. We have performed at virtually every event site in the state. If for whatever reason we haven't performed at your venue, it is our company's policy to contact the reception facility the week of the event.

Do I have to provide a meal for my DJ?

We do ask that you either provide the DJ a meal if your event is starting prior to 7pm. Your DJ is setting up hours before you arrive at the facility and they are tearing down equipment hours after you leave. Meals are very nice gesture seeing that your DJ could be at your reception facility for over 10 hours.

Can we plug additional equipment into your system?

Certainly! We are happy to accommodate your request. Feel free to inform the DJ prior to the event. A standard Y cable is all that you need. The length depends on how far you need to reach.

Does your company have insurance?

Yes, Nightlife Entertainment has full liability insurance in place at every event. Our policy is blanketed and coverage starts at $1,000,000 depending on the latitude of the event. If your venue needs a rider document please have them contact us directly. We are happy to provide that.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, Nightlife Entertainment is an accredited member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ vendor rating. We feel that being a member with a phenomenal rating will allow our clients to feel comfortable when using our services.